Thinking of Changing Your Diet? Benefits of Colonic Cleansing

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Thinking of Changing Your Diet?  Benefits of Colonic Cleansing

Thinking of Changing your Diet?

Benefits of Colonic Cleansing, also known as Colonics, Colon Irrigation, and High Colonic.

So it’s 2018 and we all are aware that what we eat, matters. We have become more conscious of the food choices we make and know that the food we eat will be a huge factor in the state of our physical health, longevity and disease prevention.

So in our best interest we have educated ourselves on food combining, the benefits of juicing, raw foods, vegetarianism, the benefits of choosing organic foods and a variety of other important topics.

But How Do We successfully transition our diet?

As a Health Care Practitioner, I have heard from many people that they once tried to Juice Fast, or become a vegan or simply eat more green vegetables, but it was unsuccessful and they needed to go back to the foods they were eating. So why is this?

Well I recall one of the first things I learned when I went to Massage Therapy School. It was on the topic of Homeostasis.

Homeostasis simply means that the body would like to maintain what is accustomed to. It amazes me how adaptable the human body is , for a period of time, but given enough time It most likely will create disease.
So, if we are hooked on animal protein, sugar, carbs, junk food, soda and even processed foods. The human body usually finds a way to maintain it’s homeostasis. But we don’t want to get too comfortable with this. The toxins are building and the body is weakening and it is really a matter of time before the physical body speaks back to us and demands our attention.

But why wait till that point, when maybe it is too late?

When we transition our diet, and start to eat “healthy,” what happens?

Healthy vegetables have a magnetic effect on the toxins which lie dormant in the body. The vegetables basically go in and draw out the poisons which were buried. Much like what happens when we go to clean a fish tank. We can look at it, it looks fine, but take the net down to the gravel, swirl it around and the water is murky, and all the dirt becomes visible. So the same thing happens when we eat “health” foods and our body is not used to it.

If our body has stored animal foods, toxins, carbonic gases, and putrefactive waste on the walls of the large intestine, the vegetables are going to start to stir things up. Then we are going to experience the symptoms of the detox. The body begins to detoxify the stored toxins through the movement of the blood, the digestive system, the respiratory system, and the other eight main physical systems. We will feel some affects of detoxification but this is where the benefits of colonics come in.

Colon Hydrotherapy cleanses the colon. It is safe and gentle and highly effective.
GRD Holistic healing uses the Gravity Centered Process and it is the most comfortable and effective of all the options. No laxatives, supplements, pills, powders or artificial products are needed.

As we loosen up old toxins, the intelligent body starts moving the toxins through the blood and digestive tract, straight to the colon. It depends on the colon to release the old toxic waste. Ordinarily, the colon is six feet in length and it is usually not possible for us to empty our colon simply through daily bowel movements. Of course, physical exercise is very important to assist in this cleansing and eliminating process.

With the help of the Colonic, the body can purge and effectively eliminate the stirred up toxins and old built up waste matter before it is reabsorbed into the body.

Another very important aspect of colon cleansing, helps the cleansing of the other organs of the body. Each physical organ in the body knows when the colon is full and begins to build up it’s own toxins, for lack of anywhere else to put them. After we clean the colon the rest of the body gets the message. The Liver, Lymph system, kidneys, lungs, just to name a few start to clean house too. This is how we Holistically Heal.

The physical body is so intelligent and so sophisticated that it can take over once we help. As we empty the colon, begin a healthy well balanced daily meal plan, get rest, sunlight, water and exercise, the body will take care of itself.

It is up to us to undo the past and plan each day with a new Homeostasis. A clean body, is satisfied with clean food.

Contact Diane or call today and discuss your transition with Diane.

Each person is unique and Diane can assist you with your specific needs.

Here’s to your new Homeostasis!