Spritual Healing & Life Coaching

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Spritual Healing & Life Coaching

Spiritual Healing takes place through awareness and expansion of life patterns, tendancies and resistances. Understanding the “root” of disease can restore balance and healthy living.

Many tools are available to identify and heal blocks in life functioning. Through the use of these tools we can bring greater space to the contracted energy and realize more joy, health, prosperity and a greater connection to all others.

Healing techniques include:
• Reiki
• Meditation
• Yoga
• Conscious Understanding
• Energetic Releases
• Forgiveness & Compassion

When you begin to say consistently and without judgment to all aspects of your existence, “I love you. I release you from limiting patterns and reclaim you as pure universal source,” then the energy you have invested begins to flow back to you.
~ The Physics of Miracles

As each of us creates and allows a greater sense of peace within us, peace is increased on the planet.