IMAG0239Reiki is a valuable addition to all healing modalities.

It is applied to detoxify the glandular system, strengthen the nervous system and cleanse the subconscious mind.

The service is performed similar to a massage.

Music and aromatherapy are available as requested.

Reiki is a scientific method using light hand placement techniques.

Benefits can include:

  • Relaxation, Rejuventation, and chakra alignment
  • Increased balance of the life-force energy
  • Increased supply of energy to the organs and glands of the body
  • Improved alignment of the chakra energy centers of the body

Diane Fragale is a Master Level Reiki healer. She combines her expertise in not only Reiki healing but other subtle healing modalities, spirituality and her intuitive “knowing”.

Her sessions have been known to provide rapid healing, stress reduction and facilitate the clearing of negative energies and transform to positive alignments.