Nutrition & Detoxification Counseling

IMAG0217The physical body is our vehicle. It needs maintenance (the right healing program) and proper fuel (healthy nutrition) to operate optimally.

When our systems are running well, our energy is high — and we are not focused on the discomforts, aches, pains and symptoms of disease — we are able to use our energy to pursue our dreams and life goals. We are generally, happier and more successful in our day to day lives.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, increase energy and vitality, or improve health issues, proper attention to diet and cleansing is a necessary part of the foundation of building health. As the saying goes:

“We are what we eat.”

Nutrition counseling will be about setting goals to transform your current routines into better functioning ones. This will include discussing which foods and lifestyles we feel are most conducive to wellness, as well as engaging with the day-to-day implementation. This will be achieved through visits to health food stores to familiarize you with vegetarian store items, as well as providing information on healthy menus that are satisfying.

Emphasis will be placed on the differences and similarities of nutrition for short-term detox and the dietary proper-fit for sustainable long-term health.

Detox is often a term which reads as a quick fix to accomplish a crash goal and then return to ones’ old ways.

Our approach will be to use detoxification programs as a way to jump start healthier habits. Emphasizing nutritional healing only — even if done correctly — can bring on the notorious cleansing symptoms that you hear people experience. Some symptoms include headaches, irritability and lack of energy. These symptoms usually last only a day or two while the body is cleaning house and processing the stored poisons.

There are various methods used to today to detoxify the physical body.

These range from the simple removal of one or two food items and/or toxic substances that the body has become dependent on over time to a period of fasting where the body receives only liquids and no solid foods are consumed.

As a general rule, the physical body thrives on homeostasis. It becomes dependent on the pattern of food intake we have given it and sends us some clear signals when we change the pattern. This is not necessarily a bad thing and should not be considered a reason to go back to old patterns that don’t necessarily serve the body well.

The body will immediately go into cell contraction when we reduce food intake. Its purpose is to look for stored energy. What is generally finds in our cells is some energy and nutrients and a lot of toxic gases and waste. The release of this toxic matter is what gives us the temporary symptoms that something is wrong.

Well, something is wrong, but we did not know until we woke it up. And it is a good thing because this condition would only become deeper and more significant over time if left unrevealed.

So this is where the colon cleansing becomes an excellent idea. As the body cleans its cells, blood, organs and all the other functional systems, it processes all the waste and poisons right to the colon.

As nature intended, this is where the body, so intelligently plans on releasing what it does not consider valuable or even healthy for us. The colon is six feet long and usually is in a holding process.

Conditions such as; sluggish bowels, irregular shapes, blockages, low to no peristalsis have developed over time and quite often the colon is incapable of an efficient release of the waste.

With a simple colon cleansing through the use of colon hydrotherapy, gentle washing of the inside of the colon, the body is free of the poisons, toxins and general garbage it was trying to function with.

It is generally the case, that all the body’s systems feel a tremendous rejuvenation from this experience. As the whole body continues to detoxify it is good idea to repeat the colon cleansing to keep up with the removal of the toxins through the large intestines.

This is why the cleansing and other holistic approaches are necessary to keep these dietary changes from making us feel crappy in the short and even long-term.

Our programs done holistically will work to prevent constant detox symptoms, and allow for a longer term engagement with healthy habits of which you feel better and better over time.

GRD Holistic Healing specializes in the following symptoms and conditions:

  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Digestion
  • Weight
  • Acid Conditions
  • Disease Prevention
  • Dietary Planning

Frequently these are issues caused by systemic problems that need to be pursued through changing our habits of both maintenance and fuel, as discussed above and periodic colon cleansing through the use of colon hydrotherapy.

GRD Holistic also provides guided Juice Fasting programs designed to shut down the digestive tract, cleanse with high quality Norwalk Cold Press Organic Juices and give the body a chance to come back to its optimal state of health and vitality.

Ordinarily, we are opposed to the concept of missing a day of food consumption, but almost everyone who’s ever experienced a 3 day, or longer juice fast would be in agreement. By the second or third day, the body will generally experience, more energy, more clarity, and alignment than ever before.

The benefits of a change in diet, detoxification and colon cleansing program really do make a difference. It’s so easy and truly rewarding.

Diane Fragale and GRD Holistic Healing are experts and have proven success for over 12 years assisting many on the path to greater health and happiness.

Contact us at your convenience, so we can design a detoxification and diet outline that is right for you and meets your own personal health goals.