Natural Detoxification as Nature Intended

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Natural Detoxification as Nature Intended

Have you considered cleaning you body to optimize your health?

It can be very confusing out there with all the products, supplements, programs, both medical and alternative. How do you know what is best?

I have always benefited from the belief system that the body is healthy if we remove the indulgences of the past and stay close to the Natural Law.

The Natural Law basically suggests that we eat basic, healthy foods that are for the most part grown locally and organically. Additionally, good health includes eating when the body is hungry and getting proper amounts of fresh air and sunshine.

So for most of us, this is something that needs to be “tweaked”. We have overeaten on many occasions, indulged in alcohol, rich foods, fast foods or been following a diet plan that we know doesn’t really work for us.

Let’s get on the right track!

Natural Detoxification includes fresh, organic vegetables to magnetize the toxins and draw out the poisons that are imbedded in our bodies. Proper intake of fresh vegetable juices, salads and cooked vegetables are a simple way to begin cleaning our insides. As the old stuff loosens, we need to concern ourselves with removing it.

We could temporarily feel the effects of loosening the old toxic residue and get discouraged. The effects are greatly minimized through the cleansing of the bowels through colon hydrotherapy. It is so simple and allows us to continue detoxifying without suffering.

GRD Holistic Healing offers many detoxification programs that are designed for you specifically. All programs are natural and use only whole foods as nature intended. Not only is this safe and effective but is also the foundation for a daily meal plan that you can maintain in your life moving forward. It is a new way of eating that allows for 80%  of your diet to serve you allowing for the 20%  of fun and indulgence the average life includes. No, life and eating are not perfect, but you can still be healthy.

Let’s get started with a Detoxification program that fits your lifestyle and goals and brings your body into alignment with the Natural Law.

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