Three Misconceptions About Colon Hydrotherapy

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Three Misconceptions About Colon Hydrotherapy

Have you thought about a getting a colonic but heard some negative information about it?

As both a Colon Hydrotherapist and a client, I have heard many people express the following concerns over the past 25 years:

What is the recovery process?

Will this process wash away of the good bacteria?

Will I become dependent on the colonics.


Colon Hydrotherapy gently cleanses the large intestine of impacted waste matter that has built up over time.  When the colon cleansing session is complete, the water is drained from the colon and the remainder of the water and waste matter is then released on the toilet. There is no need to recover from this session and you are free to go about your day normally and usually you will feel better as a result of the removal of toxins, pressure and waste build up in your body.

The relationship of the old impacted waste to the good bacteria is interesting. Usually the average adult has taken some  if not many, antibiotics in their life which do kill the good bacteria in addition to the bad bacteria. I have found that a high percentage of people have yeast/parasite infestation and this is due to a low amount of good bacteria.  Additionally, there is much more waste than good bacteria in the large intestine and we benefit from the removal of this waste. The presence of so many of the symptoms that people are experiencing indicate very little, if any good bacteria in the colon in the first place.

The body will replenish as we allow for optimal health and a clean internal environment.  I recommend that each colonic be followed with a fresh made vegetable juice to provide the enzymes and electrolytes that the body needs.  Each consultation includes a discussion of the benefits of fermented foods, kefir, and probiotics so you can continue to provide your body with good quality flora and maintain a strong immune system.

The average colon is FULL. Most people are constipated and the peristalsis is either slow or completely dysfunctional. The colon usually “gives up” and does not eliminate as it should.  Colon Hydrotherapy will restore the proper functionality of this organ.  I have seen this in all of my clients who initially came in complaining of constipation. The combination of a series of colonics and dietary changes allows for greater regularity.

Please call if you have any of these concerns, and we can discuss further.

I look forward to meeting you and assisting in your journey to optimal health and vitality.