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Holiday Gift Ideas

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Holiday Gift Ideas

One Day Left to receive this amazing offer!

The Holiday Season is officially here in Miami and this is a great time to plan healthy Holiday gifts for the ones we love and take good care of ourselves as we enjoy the season.

In light of this, GRD Holistic Healing is offering any one of the following services at 50% off;

European Facial including skin care consultation with one of Miami’s top skin care specialists. Julie Alvarez has recently joined us and is a fantastic skin care specialist with 5 years experience in the field. Her work will amaze you and you’ll feel so proud showing off your polished and pure face to all your family and friends as you feel and look younger this holiday season. She’s a little pampering too!

Relaxing Swedish Massage  One of our massage therapists, all with over 5 yrs experience can pamper you and provide a healing and rejuvenating experience.

Reiki and Energy Healing great for stress reduction and energy clearing. Diane Fragale has been facilitating healing for over 15 yrs in many modalities and loves sharing her special gifts in the area of spirituality and energy. If you are feeling blocked or unclear in any area of your life, this could be just the miracle you’ve been looking for.

Colon Hydrotherapy and  comprehensive coaching session to help evaluate your body’s optimal digestive needs. The benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy include; improved digestion and elimination, reduced food cravings, disease prevention, weight loss, increased energy and improved mood among many others. It is a growing trend that many people, whether they tell you or not, have been finding increasing helpful in the maintenance of their, physical and emotional well being.

Our consultation will include an introduction to many health topics including the ins and outs of food combining, and meal planning to help you achieve improved digestion, assimilation and elimination.

Private Yoga Instruction. Private Yoga/Thai Massage. Johanna Rodriguez has joined us recently and she is one of Miami’s best Yoga instructors, She combines Massage and Yoga for a relaxing and healing experience. She is up and coming and this is a great opportunity to meet with her privately and enjoy her special healing gifts.

Choose from a variety of additional Yoga styles that both Diane and Johanna have a passion for teaching including; Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Kundalini, Meditation and Pranayam.


Guided 1, 3, and 5 day Juice Cleanses;

Fresh, Cold Pressed Norwalk Juices. Cold Pressed Juices provide us with  high vibration of fresh, vital nutrients to clean and heal our bodies. Guided 1, 3 and 5 day cleanses are available.  It is recommended to combine any one of the above detoxifying sessions with the guided juice cleanse to effectively detoxify the body.

Our team of professionals  have dedicated their lives to providing the highest level of service and care and have become experts in their respective fields. They are really putting their heart and soul in what they do and will be the perfect gift for someone you love (including you).

Each service at GRD Holistic Healing is regularly priced at $108.  This holiday offer is available for one discount per person, must be purchased and prepaid by January 1, 2014.   All services can be combined for discount packages. Contact Diane either by calling 917-674-2746 or email , for more information and to schedule an appointment.

This is the perfect time to pamper yourself and someone you love and begin 2014 with a good plan to improve your health, happiness and longevity!

I look forward to this holiday season and wish you many blessings, good health and Joy!