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New South Beach location

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New South Beach location

We are settled in our new and amazing healing space, I am sure will be the best ever!

We are offering the Wood Gravity Centered Colon Hydrotherapy treatment along with wellness and cleansing consultations, Bio Magnetic Therapy with our fantastic practitioner Martha Fiore and Acupuncture and Cupping with Dr Michelle Snyder.

We are holding meditation and Course in Miracles workshops and Kundalini Yoga.

We are continuing to grow and expand to include more relevant Healing and wellness therapies and classes and are enjoying every minute of it!


Acupuncture at GRD Holistic Healing!

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Acupuncture at GRD Holistic Healing!

We welcome Dr. Alexis Snyder who will be providing;

Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese & East Asian Medicine, Herbal Therapies

 She is a NCCAOM Diplomate and A Licensed  Acupuncture Physician & Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Dr. Snyder brings her expertise to the practice of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine while using some the most effective, evidence based treatment plans in her field. She is a Doctoral Candidate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, a degree held by less than 1% of Acupuncture Physicians in the United States.
“I enjoy treating patients with all types of health conditions, including those wishing to learn more about preventative health and what constitues a healthy, more energized and balanced lifestyle”

Chinese Medicine can naturally treat a wide range of health conditions, as cited by the World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health and Journal of the American Medical Association research publications. Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine (commonly called Traditional Chinese Medicine) can treat many physical diseases, acute and chronic pain and mental-emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Services Include:





*Herbal Formulas

*Supportive Cancer Care, including side effects of radiation & chemotherapy

Call for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Martha Fiore and Biomagnetism Healing Services Now Located in South Beach, Miami Fl

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Martha Fiore and Biomagnetism Healing Services Now Located in South Beach, Miami Fl

Martha Fiore is a cerified Biomagnetic Therapist. She apprenticed with Dr. Isaac Goiz M. D. who is the creator of the new medical science Biomagnetism and theory of BIOMAGNETIC PAIR in 1988, a conception which is a step forward, in what until now, was known about the use of magnets. Dr Goiz, defines the Biomagnetic Pair as “the set of charges that identify the pathology and is composed of two main charges of opposite polarity, which are formed at the expense of fundamental alteration of the pH of the organisms that support it“.
Biomagnetism diagnoses and treats disease, based on the fact that the human body functions as a magnetic system, with positive and negative currents, is a new medical theory and philosophy based on the pursuit of human pathology from the energetic point of view.
Biomagnetism uses natural, low intensity magnets to detect, classify, correct and prevent distortions of the pH (potential of Hydrogen) of the internal organs of the body. This distortion is caused by the presence of viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Applying two magnets with opposite polarity, at specific points of the body, exterminates, in minutes, this microorganism.

I Highly recommend Martha, she is an advanced, natural healer and I encourage everyone to use Magnetic Healing as a compliment to any healing program.

For an appt with Martha, contact her directly at 305-606-7073.  She is conveniently located with us at GRD Holisitic Healing on South Beach Miami, Fl.

New Palm Beach Gardens location

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New Palm Beach Gardens location

GRD Holistic Healing has partnered with eMDcares and Dr Joan Baijnath to provide an integrated approach to your medical and wellness needs.

We will be providing our same high level colon Hydrotherapy service and detox education to help heal and prevent illness.

Our official opening date is January 2, 2019.

I look forward to serving you there!

Keeping Healthy this Winter Season

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Feeling the contraction of the winter season approaching? There is no better time to start preparing. As the colder temperatures approach our physical body begins what known as “cell contraction”. What that means is our cells actually begin to contract from the cold and squeeze out any toxins into our blood stream. That might typically bring on the symptoms associated with a “cold”; mucous, coughing, sore throat and possibly even a fever.
There is a very simple way to prevent this; Colon Cleansing.
This will remove the toxins from the body before they reabsorb and get stored in the cells, just waiting to be released into the blood stream.
Call me today and we can keep you healthy for the fun winter we have ahead!

Thinking of Changing Your Diet? Benefits of Colonic Cleansing

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Thinking of Changing Your Diet?  Benefits of Colonic Cleansing

Thinking of Changing your Diet?

Benefits of Colonic Cleansing, also known as Colonics, Colon Irrigation, and High Colonic.

So it’s 2018 and we all are aware that what we eat, matters. We have become more conscious of the food choices we make and know that the food we eat will be a huge factor in the state of our physical health, longevity and disease prevention.

So in our best interest we have educated ourselves on food combining, the benefits of juicing, raw foods, vegetarianism, the benefits of choosing organic foods and a variety of other important topics.

But How Do We successfully transition our diet?

As a Health Care Practitioner, I have heard from many people that they once tried to Juice Fast, or become a vegan or simply eat more green vegetables, but it was unsuccessful and they needed to go back to the foods they were eating. So why is this?

Well I recall one of the first things I learned when I went to Massage Therapy School. It was on the topic of Homeostasis.

Homeostasis simply means that the body would like to maintain what is accustomed to. It amazes me how adaptable the human body is , for a period of time, but given enough time It most likely will create disease.
So, if we are hooked on animal protein, sugar, carbs, junk food, soda and even processed foods. The human body usually finds a way to maintain it’s homeostasis. But we don’t want to get too comfortable with this. The toxins are building and the body is weakening and it is really a matter of time before the physical body speaks back to us and demands our attention.

But why wait till that point, when maybe it is too late?

When we transition our diet, and start to eat “healthy,” what happens?

Healthy vegetables have a magnetic effect on the toxins which lie dormant in the body. The vegetables basically go in and draw out the poisons which were buried. Much like what happens when we go to clean a fish tank. We can look at it, it looks fine, but take the net down to the gravel, swirl it around and the water is murky, and all the dirt becomes visible. So the same thing happens when we eat “health” foods and our body is not used to it.

If our body has stored animal foods, toxins, carbonic gases, and putrefactive waste on the walls of the large intestine, the vegetables are going to start to stir things up. Then we are going to experience the symptoms of the detox. The body begins to detoxify the stored toxins through the movement of the blood, the digestive system, the respiratory system, and the other eight main physical systems. We will feel some affects of detoxification but this is where the benefits of colonics come in.

Colon Hydrotherapy cleanses the colon. It is safe and gentle and highly effective.
GRD Holistic healing uses the Gravity Centered Process and it is the most comfortable and effective of all the options. No laxatives, supplements, pills, powders or artificial products are needed.

As we loosen up old toxins, the intelligent body starts moving the toxins through the blood and digestive tract, straight to the colon. It depends on the colon to release the old toxic waste. Ordinarily, the colon is six feet in length and it is usually not possible for us to empty our colon simply through daily bowel movements. Of course, physical exercise is very important to assist in this cleansing and eliminating process.

With the help of the Colonic, the body can purge and effectively eliminate the stirred up toxins and old built up waste matter before it is reabsorbed into the body.

Another very important aspect of colon cleansing, helps the cleansing of the other organs of the body. Each physical organ in the body knows when the colon is full and begins to build up it’s own toxins, for lack of anywhere else to put them. After we clean the colon the rest of the body gets the message. The Liver, Lymph system, kidneys, lungs, just to name a few start to clean house too. This is how we Holistically Heal.

The physical body is so intelligent and so sophisticated that it can take over once we help. As we empty the colon, begin a healthy well balanced daily meal plan, get rest, sunlight, water and exercise, the body will take care of itself.

It is up to us to undo the past and plan each day with a new Homeostasis. A clean body, is satisfied with clean food.

Contact Diane or call today and discuss your transition with Diane.

Each person is unique and Diane can assist you with your specific needs.

Here’s to your new Homeostasis!

Considering a Juice Cleanse?

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Considering a Juice Cleanse?

So it’s 2018 and we are juicing!  I love it!    But please don’t forget the most important part of the cleanse is the ELIMINATION .   The juice does an amazing job of awakening stored toxins and waste in the system and beautifully prepares the colon to loosen that old impacted waste. However, it will just sit there and unfortunately reabsorb unless we clear it .


No better way to start and complete a cleanse than with a Colon Hyrotherapy session.  Call me to discuss this and plan your next cleanse.



Three Misconceptions About Colon Hydrotherapy

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Three Misconceptions About Colon Hydrotherapy

Have you thought about a getting a colonic but heard some negative information about it?

As both a Colon Hydrotherapist and a client, I have heard many people express the following concerns over the past 25 years:

What is the recovery process?

Will this process wash away of the good bacteria?

Will I become dependent on the colonics.


Colon Hydrotherapy gently cleanses the large intestine of impacted waste matter that has built up over time.  When the colon cleansing session is complete, the water is drained from the colon and the remainder of the water and waste matter is then released on the toilet. There is no need to recover from this session and you are free to go about your day normally and usually you will feel better as a result of the removal of toxins, pressure and waste build up in your body.

The relationship of the old impacted waste to the good bacteria is interesting. Usually the average adult has taken some  if not many, antibiotics in their life which do kill the good bacteria in addition to the bad bacteria. I have found that a high percentage of people have yeast/parasite infestation and this is due to a low amount of good bacteria.  Additionally, there is much more waste than good bacteria in the large intestine and we benefit from the removal of this waste. The presence of so many of the symptoms that people are experiencing indicate very little, if any good bacteria in the colon in the first place.

The body will replenish as we allow for optimal health and a clean internal environment.  I recommend that each colonic be followed with a fresh made vegetable juice to provide the enzymes and electrolytes that the body needs.  Each consultation includes a discussion of the benefits of fermented foods, kefir, and probiotics so you can continue to provide your body with good quality flora and maintain a strong immune system.

The average colon is FULL. Most people are constipated and the peristalsis is either slow or completely dysfunctional. The colon usually “gives up” and does not eliminate as it should.  Colon Hydrotherapy will restore the proper functionality of this organ.  I have seen this in all of my clients who initially came in complaining of constipation. The combination of a series of colonics and dietary changes allows for greater regularity.

Please call if you have any of these concerns, and we can discuss further.

I look forward to meeting you and assisting in your journey to optimal health and vitality.

Natural Detoxification as Nature Intended

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Natural Detoxification as Nature Intended

Have you considered cleaning you body to optimize your health?

It can be very confusing out there with all the products, supplements, programs, both medical and alternative. How do you know what is best?

I have always benefited from the belief system that the body is healthy if we remove the indulgences of the past and stay close to the Natural Law.

The Natural Law basically suggests that we eat basic, healthy foods that are for the most part grown locally and organically. Additionally, good health includes eating when the body is hungry and getting proper amounts of fresh air and sunshine.

So for most of us, this is something that needs to be “tweaked”. We have overeaten on many occasions, indulged in alcohol, rich foods, fast foods or been following a diet plan that we know doesn’t really work for us.

Let’s get on the right track!

Natural Detoxification includes fresh, organic vegetables to magnetize the toxins and draw out the poisons that are imbedded in our bodies. Proper intake of fresh vegetable juices, salads and cooked vegetables are a simple way to begin cleaning our insides. As the old stuff loosens, we need to concern ourselves with removing it.

We could temporarily feel the effects of loosening the old toxic residue and get discouraged. The effects are greatly minimized through the cleansing of the bowels through colon hydrotherapy. It is so simple and allows us to continue detoxifying without suffering.

GRD Holistic Healing offers many detoxification programs that are designed for you specifically. All programs are natural and use only whole foods as nature intended. Not only is this safe and effective but is also the foundation for a daily meal plan that you can maintain in your life moving forward. It is a new way of eating that allows for 80%  of your diet to serve you allowing for the 20%  of fun and indulgence the average life includes. No, life and eating are not perfect, but you can still be healthy.

Let’s get started with a Detoxification program that fits your lifestyle and goals and brings your body into alignment with the Natural Law.

Call today to speak with Diane and set up a consultation

6 Great Reasons to Get a Colonic

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6 Great Reasons to Get a Colonic

Seasonal Colon Cleansing with Colon Hydrotherapy

As the seasons change, our physical bodies go through changes and could use our attention and some simple steps.

Cleansing the colon with a colonic can help clear the past and help us come more current with the present.

Six Great Reasons To Get a Colonic:

1. What goes in, doesn’t all come out .

Every day a portion of the food that goes in the body does not come out. That food is is digested and processed through the digestive system and the waste and unwanted matter is put in the large intestine(colon) for elimination. But typically, it does not actually leave the body for many reasons, and it hardens and toxifies over time; A set-up for Low energy, Mood Disorders, Sleep Disturbance, and Future Disease.

2. The Whole Body Gets to Clean House and Detoxify.

When the colon is cleansed with Colon Hydrotherapy the rest of the body gets the opportunity to clean too. The Kidneys, the liver, the blood, lymph, and respiratory system are just a few examples of the organs and systems that benefit from a colonic. These organs and systems get the chance to move their stagnant waste to the now empty colon for elimination from the body. They couldn’t have done that before when the “garbage pail” was full.

3. Our interest in foods shift and we are choosing more healthy and vital foods.

A clean colon, a clean body, a clean diet. When the colon is holding on to old, toxic, putrefied waste, the cravings are in alignment with the vibration of the poison and stagnated waste. We are less likely to be able to maintain a healthy diet for this reason. Once we clean the old poison out, we are able to choose clean and higher vibration foods.

4. Lifestyle Changes.

The large intestines holds the energy of the past. If you want to move forward and start a lifestyle change, clearing the old is a part of getting that done.

5. Radiant/Healthy Glow

Look younger, healthier, more radiant and toned. The clean colon and internal organs and blood allow for more oxygen, less carbonic gas and we appear more youthful and feel happier.

6. End Constipation

Remove the blockage and the body’s healthy peristalsis will resume. The body will go back to daily, healthy eliminations on it’s own.

All sessions are safe and gently using the Gravity System and performed in a private, hygienic and healing environment.

Diane Fragale has been performing colonics for almost 15 yrs. She is very experienced, intuitive and skilled in the process of detoxification and cleansing. In addition to being a “Cleansing Guru”, she will also share with you her vast knowledge of food combining, digestion and help you develop a daily plan to optimize your digestion, health and well being.

Diane started GRD Holistic Healing in 1999 with this intention and she is available to answer any questions or provide any help she can.

Contact Diane or call today to get some more information and/or schedule an appointment: 786.405.9510.