Dr Carolyn Messere

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Dr Carolyn Messere

Dr Carolyn Messere joins us at GRD Holistic Healing.

Dr Messere is a Medical Doctor with 20 years experience as a colorectal surgeon.

She has progressed her practice and is now specializing in Functional Medicine.

This specialty focuses on  getting to the root cause of the health disorder and treating that. Her focus is particularly in GI issues, endocrine imbalances including irregular periods, thyroid and adrenal issues, and chronic fatigue.

Her new passion  is Chi Nei Tsang – Chinese abdominal massage. It helps with constipation, bloating, post-surgery pain, gall bladder issues, and indigestion. But that’s not all it does – it helps to clear out toxins in the body so you can feel energized and healthy again.

My personal opinion;  Dr Messere is an intelligent, nurturing and compassionate woman with advanced training to help us combine the medical and holistic fields to assist everyone in their journey toward excellent health and vitality.

I would not hesitate to make an appointment with her!

Dr Messere can be contacted directly to schedule an appointment for a Functional Medicine Consultation and/or a 60 minute Chi Nei Tsang massage.  Feel free to call her with any questions you may have; 305-343-5239