Diane Fragale

Diane“Diane Fragale is an extraordinarily insightful and well schooled mind, body, and spirit health care practitioner/educator.

What makes her so effective and unique is the path she took to get where she is today.

Her knowledge of nutrition came about because she grew extremely sick and tired of being sick and tired. Through this learning, a whole new alternative world of living was revealed to her.

The awareness of bodily wellness became apparent. But there was still something missing; a human essential; the need to feel placement, inner peace and a purpose. This led her to Kundalini Yoga, a life changing decision.

The domino effect of a newly acquired knowledge took off at this point and it continues to grow. This is what she looks to share with you. Never was there a plan to be a practitioner as a career. There was simply a desire to find life.

What she teaches she doesn’t think is truth, she intrinsically feels it is the truth and continues to experience it every day of her life. This is a comprehensive session with a passion for passing on the truth like you’ve never experienced.

The essence of knowledge and wisdom are found best in our life experience. The best healers all start out the same way; they have as a goal the desire and need to heal themselves.

Those who enter comprehensive schools and institutions because holistic healing is “catching on with the public” will never be a true catalyst for the healing of others.

Just as great writers write because the desire for self expression overwhelms them, so does a true healer develop through the burning need to heal him or herself.”

Gil Jacobs, Diane’s original colon therapist, mentor and teacher.

When you begin to say consistently and without judgment to all aspects of your existence, “I love you. I release you from limiting patterns and reclaim you as pure universal source,” then the energy you have invested begins to flow back to you.

~ The Physics of Miracles

Diane has 20 yrs experience as a Colon Hydrotherapist in NYC, Miami and now Palm Beach, Fl. She is currently licensed in the state of Florida MA51745 and certified by The International Association For Colon Hydrotherapy.

She has been a health practitioner and colon Hydrotherapy in many health centers including;

Sanavita, Chakra 17, Release NYC and the Natural Alternative Center all in New York.

In Florida, she is currently the founder and owner of GRD Holistic Healing in Miami and Palm Beach Gardens and has been a practitioner with Hippocrates Health Institute, Gardens Wellness Center and the Holistic Healing Center Of North Miami.

She has followed a plant based diet for 25 years and has personally experienced a health transformation through the diet and detoxification path she now shares as a healer and educator.

Her backround as a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Reiki Master and Natural Healing coach makes her a unique and extraordinary practitioner providing a holistic approach to detoxification, health and wellness.

“I love what I do and embrace each person in the time we spend together with a desire to support their health transformation”. Diane Fragale