6 Great Reasons to Get a Colonic

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6 Great Reasons to Get a Colonic

Seasonal Colon Cleansing with Colon Hydrotherapy

As the seasons change, our physical bodies go through changes and could use our attention and some simple steps.

Cleansing the colon with a colonic can help clear the past and help us come more current with the present.

Six Great Reasons To Get a Colonic:

1. What goes in, doesn’t all come out .

Every day a portion of the food that goes in the body does not come out. That food is is digested and processed through the digestive system and the waste and unwanted matter is put in the large intestine(colon) for elimination. But typically, it does not actually leave the body for many reasons, and it hardens and toxifies over time; A set-up for Low energy, Mood Disorders, Sleep Disturbance, and Future Disease.

2. The Whole Body Gets to Clean House and Detoxify.

When the colon is cleansed with Colon Hydrotherapy the rest of the body gets the opportunity to clean too. The Kidneys, the liver, the blood, lymph, and respiratory system are just a few examples of the organs and systems that benefit from a colonic. These organs and systems get the chance to move their stagnant waste to the now empty colon for elimination from the body. They couldn’t have done that before when the “garbage pail” was full.

3. Our interest in foods shift and we are choosing more healthy and vital foods.

A clean colon, a clean body, a clean diet. When the colon is holding on to old, toxic, putrefied waste, the cravings are in alignment with the vibration of the poison and stagnated waste. We are less likely to be able to maintain a healthy diet for this reason. Once we clean the old poison out, we are able to choose clean and higher vibration foods.

4. Lifestyle Changes.

The large intestines holds the energy of the past. If you want to move forward and start a lifestyle change, clearing the old is a part of getting that done.

5. Radiant/Healthy Glow

Look younger, healthier, more radiant and toned. The clean colon and internal organs and blood allow for more oxygen, less carbonic gas and we appear more youthful and feel happier.

6. End Constipation

Remove the blockage and the body’s healthy peristalsis will resume. The body will go back to daily, healthy eliminations on it’s own.

All sessions are safe and gently using the Gravity System and performed in a private, hygienic and healing environment.

Diane Fragale has been performing colonics for almost 15 yrs. She is very experienced, intuitive and skilled in the process of detoxification and cleansing. In addition to being a “Cleansing Guru”, she will also share with you her vast knowledge of food combining, digestion and help you develop a daily plan to optimize your digestion, health and well being.

Diane started GRD Holistic Healing in 1999 with this intention and she is available to answer any questions or provide any help she can.

Contact Diane or call today to get some more information and/or schedule an appointment: 786.405.9510.